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Direct printing on tin plate Most widely used for printing tinplate is the offset full colour technique. The minimum print orders are relatively high. For several measures of content it is possible to use CMYK offset printing for printing smaller orders.

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Features of offset technique: the design can be constructed with either CMYK or PMS support colours. It is also possible to print on a plain tinplate basis, this enables an image with a gold or transparent (tin) effect. Besides this several types of top coats can be applied, so (high) gloss or (partially) mat.

Features of offset CMYK: the minimal print order is a lot lower than with the conventional offset technique. The buildup of the design always has to be based on the CMYK colours. The printing has to be on a white surface, this makes it impossible to obtain a transparent or fully gold effect. These effects can only be approximate. The finish is always high gloss.

Fully printed cylindrical tin can packaging are per design available from:

Standard selectionOffset
min. quantity
CMYK offset
min. quantity
125 ml30,0006,000
250 ml22,0004,400
500 ml12,0002,400
750 ml10,5002,565
1 litre9,0001,920
2.5 litres (with handle)3,0001,000
Gallon (with handle)3,000800
5 litres (with handle)2,500not possible

It may be that your size of tin can packaging is not included in our matrix, but this does not mean that we cannot print it. We are happy to assist you with all your printing questions.

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