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Colorcan Printservice
Colorcan Printservice

The cylindrical shape of the tin can enables us to fully wrap around the can. This is the most commonly used method. Of course it is possible to use a smaller label, e.g. when you have a base that you want partially shown. This can be a transparent part (see photo “hands”) or when you have a tinplate can with a generic (mother) design where the partial labelling makes the distinction from your mat or high gloss paint.

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Our labels are printed through offset (flexo) printing technique or digital printing (smaller batches). Labels can be plastic (PP) or paper. The obtainable effects can be very diversified, silver, gold, mat (high) gloss or transparent it is all possible. The colour range is virtually unlimited.

Cylindrical tin can packaging can be labelled in any desired quantity. However, on the basis of costing, we do have a minimum order volume per measure of content, we recommend to keep this amount as a bottom limit.

The weld seam can be left fully uncovered so the label simulates a directly printed tin can packaging. The label can also overlap, the weld seam is not visible now. When the tinplate can has an ear we can apply a U-shaped label around the ear, or we can punch a hole in the label and position it around the can. In case of metal handles we have by definition to leave more open space than in case of plastic handles (where we can almost label full scale).

Labelling, per design:

ContentsMin. quantityFully labelledHandle
100 ml up to 750 mlapprox. 300 pcsyesno
1 litresapprox. 250 pcsyesno
2 litres up to 5 litresapprox. 250 pcsyespos­sible
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