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Conical ringpails with adhesive lid
Conical ringpails
with adhesive lid

This type of container was first used on the Scandinavian market and is now becoming more popular in Germany as well. The big advantage is of course that these UN or RID/ADR approved containers can be closed without the need for additional tools to secure the lid such as clamping rings or latch rings. The container is entirely conical, which creates great transport advantages. The lid closes through a special adhesive compound in the lid and the pail rim that keeps the lid in place. This design is so secure for some sizes that it safely meets the UN Y packaging group approval criteria.
The tins can also be supplied without approval.

Close-up of adhesive lid
Close-up of adhesive lid

The tins are easy to open and close. The shape of the cans allows easy labelling. Usually conical tins have a rim in the body or the conical tapering makes full labelling impossible. The profile of the lid enables stable stacking of other conical ringpails. Handles can be supplied optionally (separately inside the lid).

Of course the tins can be decorated on the outside, and they are available with several types of inner coating.

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