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Hildering Industrial Packaging
Hildering Industrial Packaging

Hildering Industrial Packaging develops, produces and markets durable, high-quality tin packaging and related products intended for the paint and chemical industry. The products are geared towards the customers' requirements, the needs of the product that is to be packaged and the applicable legislation. Through research, interaction with the customer and quality control we strive for a high-quality tin packaging and the best services.

Hildering Industrial Packaging has been supplying the Dutch paint and chemical industry since 1958. The company has now expanded into a dynamic international company with an extremely wide and high-quality range.

Hildering Packaging

Hildering Packaging tin can specialist offers you the most complete range of tin packaging for the paint and chemical technical industry. We test the tin packaging for all the relevant quality aspects such as resistance, transport, performance and density. This allows you to always find the latest state of affairs regarding tin packaging with us.

Hildering Innovations

Hildering Innovations for paint and industries has been focussing on the development of new products for years now. We are pleased that customers recognise this because we are more and more frequently involved with early stages of product development. This allows us to develop the right packaging solutions. Hildering Innovations is strongly focused on the development of packaging that allows for greater ease of use, with core values of cost effectiveness, durability and minimal environmental.

Hildering Industrial Packaging uses the JIT system, and agreements can be made about keeping your tin packaging in stock. We can also help you with the wrapping of your product. In brief, Hildering Industrial Packaging is a full service supplier of tin packaging.

Through knowledge and skill, Hildering Industrial Packaging has become a respected partner of many large companies in the paint and chemical industry. There is constant consultation and cooperation with specialists, industry associations, universities and environmental organisation to safeguard and optimize the quality.


Hildering Packaging offers a wide range of packaging suitable for paints, lacquers (industrial and paint lacquers), chemicals, coatings, wood-stains, chemical liquids, oils and cleaning products, thinners, detergents and food products. We supply tin and plastic packaging for the paint and chemical industry, construction chemicals, car (repair) industry, furniture industry, navy, laboratories, seed market, and the DIY painters market.


For the many possibilities and advantages of our wide range of tin packaging and related products, we refer you the various brochures of these products. Of course we are also more than happy to personally advise you on the best type of tin packaging, internal coating, etc. tailored to the wishes and demands of your product.

Hildering Industrial Packaging